Bulk Order Discounts

The Bar Starts Here is a book that every Bar Owner, Bar Employee and Bar Fanatic will relate to and enjoy.

This Holy Grail Book of Business for Bars is a one of a kind Interactive “How To Guide” that comes with over 500 pages of Operational Tools, Training Manuals, and Guides, that your clients get to download & customize as your own.

For a very limited time, I am offering incredible Bulk Order Discounts for The Bar Starts Here and can customize every single manual and guide, to include your product information and brand placement.

Take your engagement with your client’s even one step further and get your bulk order Custom Printed with your brand or product featured on the back cover of the book. I can even custom print your own unique Download Key directing your clients go to your website to unlock their 500+ pages of manuals, guides and tools that comes with every copy of The Bar Starts Here.

Don’t just sell to your clients, invest in their future with The Bar Starts Here and Put The Power of Operating a Successful Bar, Literally in the Palms of their Hands.

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Every book purchase comes with a “Download Key” and instructions to download 500+ pages of Free Tools, Manuals & Guides. To see an example of some of the tools you will receive with your purchase, check out this video – https://youtu.be/VvDbjZq1NoA